I have set up IDM and also Access Review.
Now for reporting I need the IDM Reporting server but it has a
dependency on the EAS. And EAS can run only on a Linux box (My IDM and
UA is on Windows).

So now, I have been trying to set up the EAS(which uses embedded
PostGreSQL) on a server which already has one instance of PostGreSQL DB
running (for Access Review). I see the following error in the
EASInstall.log. ANy clue ?

================================================== ===

2015.07.15 04:40:02 PM [com.novell.installer.slm.SetSLMDefaults]
Installing into Default directory /opt/novell/sentinel_eas
2015.07.15 04:40:02 PM [com.novell.installer.slm.SetSLMDefaults]
Installing as install
2015.07.15 04:40:02 PM [com.novell.installer.slm.SetSLMDefaults] END of
setting defaults
2015.07.15 04:40:17 PM [com.novell.installer.slm.RemoveQuotes] Begin
2015.07.15 04:40:17 PM [com.novell.installer.slm.RemoveQuotes] END
2015.07.15 04:40:52 PM [com.novell.installer.slm.UpdateXML] Using
PostgreSQL port 5433
2015.07.15 04:40:52 PM [com.novell.installer.slm.UpdateXML] modifying
server.xml with PostgreSQL port: 5433
2015.07.15 04:40:52 PM [com.novell.installer.slm.UpdateXML] ERROR
modyfying server.xml with PostgreSQL port: 5433


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