play with OES2015, with "Public Beta refresh", installed on a new fully patched SLES11SP3 today. Want to test NSS4AD.

First problem, the cifsproxy-user doesn't have a password-policy after installation. messages.log: WARNING: AUTH: Authentication failed for user . NMAS has returned Error:-1642 You can login in NURM, but it doesn't show a user in AD or eDir, if you want to create a user-map. Resolved.

Second problem, I want in NURM "map rights" but following errors occurs:

Map Rights
Logs [ ]
2015-07-16 14:11:25,898 INFO AclMap:79 Created JOBID-4
2015-07-16 14:11:26,092 INFO RightsMapperTask:132 Starting JOBID-4 total:1 Start Time:2015-07-16 14:11:26.092
2015-07-16 14:11:26,093 INFO RightsMapperTask:223 JOBID-4 Starting Migrate Trustee tasks:1
2015-07-16 14:11:26,109 ERROR RightsMapperTask:364 JOBID-4 Parsed item length doesnt match with the input items length
2015-07-16 14:11:26,110 INFO RightsMapperTask:393 JOBID-4 operation: Migrate Trustee failed; zid:130 trustee:Count: 0, Creator:S-1-5-21-1614895754-1417001333-839522115-500 reason:,description:Failed to get GUID for CREATOR SID,reporter:manageFile[4131],name:NITERR_EDIR_MODE_ONLY
2015-07-16 14:11:26,111 INFO RightsMapperTask:265 JOBID-4 Finished Migrate Trustee
2015-07-16 14:11:26,118 INFO RightsMapperTask:171 Finished JOBID-4 Success:0 Failed:1; End Time:2015-07-16 14:11:26.118

messages.log same time:
Jul 16 14:11:26 file-02 /usr/sbin/nit[9117]: [NIT_THRD 0x7fea730f3700] : nitd_get_guids_from_sids_handler: Error while getting the GUID for SID: S-1-5-21-1614895754-1417001333-839522115-500
Jul 16 14:11:26 file-02 ndpapp[11841]: [NIT_IPC 0x7f96695c9700] : nitlib_convert_sids_to_guids: Error response from nitd for converting the SIDs to GUIDs, error: -9008

The OES2015 is created in AD in the default context "Computers". In NURM I have mapped the eDir-"admin" to AD-"Administrator" and logged me in with this both accounts in NURM. NSS-Volume I have created an AD-enabled. If I go to windows-explorer and type in \\server-name\vol1 a login windows appear, but cannot login. edir-admin have also an Universal-Password-Policy.

Somebody can help ?

Thank you Heiko