I need to renew 3 servers which are sles11p2 open enterprise servers.
After removing one server (ndsconfig rm) I find that I am left with a
replica which I cannot delete. I go into ndsrepair -P -Ad, select the
problematic replica (there are 2 showing, one is root, the other is the
problem), and select the option to delete this replica from the server
which I am on. I get the error message that the object is not found. If
I try this from iManager, I get the same error message.

Anyone got any ideas how to get rid of this replica. I can remember
doing something like this on a Novell server a long time ago, but cannot
for the life of me remember what the procedure was. I need to use the
name (benny_sys.nc) again, but as long as it exists in edirectory, I
cannot install the new server with the same name.

Any help would be very much appreciated.



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