Hi again,

I'm coming again for a little help concearning the Password
synchronisation between AD and the IDVault. It works well from IDVault
to AD, but I'm having some problems the other way around, from AD to the

I'm running NIM in a domaine that has 3 AD domain controlers:

- V-DC-P01.reg.test (a virtual mahine, where the RL and the PassSync
utility are installed)
- V-DC-P02.reg.test (another virtual machine)
- P-DC-P01.reg.test (a physical machine)

The problem is that NIM only receives the password changes that are made
by V-DC-P01 and V-DC-P02. All changes made on the P-DC-P01 DC are not
captured by NIM and don't pass to the IDVault.

Following Novell's documentation, I already did some checks:

- In the PassSync utility console, the 3 filters are show as
- I check all the 3 <winDir>\System32 directory and all of then
contains both files PWFILTER.DLL and PSEVENT.DLL
- I also chack the registry in the 3 machines and they all have the
correct HOST NAMES entries (V-DC-P01.reg.test)

But I can't make the synchronisation works when starting it from the 3rd
machine (the physical one). I also tryed to uninstall/ install the
Filter in the machine but nothing changes.

Do you have some idea of whee I can search for problems?

Thanks in advance for your help,

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