Hi There,

we are facing an issue with the function Edit this File from Firefox. Every time we want to edit a MS office file docx/xlsx/pptx it takes around a minutes to open the first time. Then if you close the file and re-open it opens immediately. I have no problem from IE. That delay occurs for each type file (docx/xlsx/pptx) the first time only then it opens normally. It does not happen on an old Firefox version (10.0.2). I googled to see if anybody had the same issue but nothing found. I tried to play with the security settings of Firefox but I did not succeeded to find what might cause that edit delay.

Our consultant investigated and did not find anything from the server side.

Our Environment:

Vibe 3.4
Firefox 38.0.1 ESR
Java 8 update 45
MS Office 2007 SP3 fully patched
MS add-ins
Windows 7 x64 Pro fully patched
IE 11

Any help would be appreciated,
Thank you in advance