We have gw2014 und are using Mobility Service 2.1.0 build 230. Now to our problem, we've got a customer that have populated their eDirectory telephone number field with just the internal ext. but would like to sync users full telephone numbers to their smartphones. To solve this we've created a new eDir attribute, associated it with the User class and have added it to the users, we've also mapped it to "Adminsitrator defined field 15" in the GroupWise addressbook. Within the addressbook we've added the admin-defined field column and everything looks great, within the GW-Client we see the new field with our Custom Name. The only problem that we now have is how to sync the added admin-defined field to the devices? Is there anywhere/anyway we can "map" this field to pre-defined fields on the devices or in the Mobility Service? Is it even possible to sync an admin-defined field through the Mobility Service to devices? We'll probably be opening an SR for this, but I figured we'd try here 1st.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.