Hi again!
Just few more questions, please. I made patch policy for applying Microsoft security patches (so named "Microsoft critical").
(1) I have set to recalculate it (by default) every 30 days.
Is this good enough or maybe 15 is ... better choice?
Also, recalculation countdown starts when last time policy was changed, right? (Incl. also when it was last time rebuilt?) So, when I want it happen just after patch Tuesday I must rebuild it manually some days after (when PM is getting patch-info updated) and countdown will start again.
After recalculation is finished will it rebuild policy automatically?
... and publish it?
... and hopefully at some point during all this (new) patches is cached also, right?
(2) For now I have chosen to not use auto approve for this policy. I mean, I'll run zac pap manually anyway and probably will try it same way before using this patch policy (via command) on ... more devices. But if I would set auto approval after ... trying ...
I must have (at least) one testing device?
And probably testing on testing device must happen for auto approval to work, right?
And when auto approve is selected and no test happen policy recalc etc. will not work any further?
Sorry, so many questions, but want to be sure I understand more-less it. =) (Well, some of questions probably will be answered after next recalc etc., but ... good to know experiences from the field, anyway.)
More thanks, Alar.