I must be missing something.. We have Iprint installed on SLES 11 SP3 (OES SP2). It has been working perfectly for our windows users for years.. We are now trying to roll it out to the macintosh people to use.. I have uploaded the PPD files to the driver store for the macintosh, assigned it to the printers.. open up the url/ipp and double click on the printer and it comes back saying it was successfully added.. We go to to print to the printer it acts like it printed but never comes out on the printer. printing to the printer via bonjour works fine..printing to the printer via a windows computer also works fine.
The windows computers are all authenticated to the tree when then they go to print...How do I get the iprint client to request authentication to the tree before they are permitted to print..??...We have the printer user access set in imanager to allow all users in the context, but Im thinking the mac is never asking for or sending the user credentials to the iprint server to determine if he/she is permitted to print to this device..Any help would be greatly appreciated from anyone currently using iprint on macintosh computers.
Thanks in advance