Hello Guys,
Despite tons of enhancement any one can experience/notice at every
release/upgrade, Gartner does not position Sentinel in Leader Quadrant,
which I believe is not fair(I already had got some excellent responses
on this forum regarding Gartner's Sentinel positioning at

Gartner 2015 SIEM report published, and I am copying their objections
for Sentinel, are those objections valid ? please comment ?
> Cautions
> • NetIQ Sentinel has low visibility in competitive evaluations of
> SIEM among Gartner clients.
> • NetIQ provides generic capabilities to pull data for context, as
> well as to import from big data repositories. However, it does not
> provide specific integrations with solutions such as
> entity behavior analytics platforms.
> • NetIQ has a generic ability to integrate threat intelligence
> feeds, as well as packaged support for open-source feeds (e.g., malware)
> and Webroot. However, support still lags behind
> competitors.
> • Usability and reporting of the results when replaying historical
> event data against correlation rules are limited when compared with some
> competitors.
> • The average of NetIQ reference customer satisfaction scores for
> scalability and performance, correlation rule customization, usefulness
> of predefined reports, effectiveness of ad hoc
> queries, product quality and stability, and support experience is lower
> than the average scores for all references across those areas.

I can see their first and last points are pretty bogus, but appreciate
if someone here provide the insights on the rest, are they really valid
and has weight ?


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