SSPR Version: v3.2 b62 r38408

Some of the macros don't appear to be working when used in the
email.changePassword.helpdesk setting.

"@User:Email@" works in the "To" field (the email is sent to the
recipient correctly after a Helpdesk Password Reset), but if I include
macros in the "Subject" or "Body" fields they are not included in the

e.g. if I enter the Subject as "Your password has been changed for
account @LDAP:cn@", the email is sent with the subject "Your password
has been changed for account". The cn is not appended. Same for the
Body. If I have e.g. "Dear @LDAPreferredName@ @LDAP:Surname@ ..."
only"Dear" displays in the email Body.

I have also tested email.changePassword, email.updateProfile and
email.sendpassword and macros work fine for those settings.

We are currently running SSPR Version: v3.0.0.2 b1233 and it sends
emails (with macros) successfully.

Has anyone else experienced this? If yes, what is the best way for me
to raise it with NetIQ?

As a workaround, I am sending the helpdesk confirmation email using the
email.sendpassword setting - is there a better workaround?


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