For the past week, we have been experiencing serious issues with our
Google Apps drivers, for both our production and test domains. This is
an IDM 4.02 environment running the latest publicly posted Google Apps
shim from 29 May. The driver is randomly terminating with a
NullPointerException on random events, which may include user Adds,
Password Changes, and group membership updates. Upon restart, the failed
event is processed successfully. There is no rhyme or reason to the
events that trigger the exception. Our Google Apps Production and Test
domains both receive all events at the same time, and yet an event that
causes the Prod driver to crash will process successfully in the Test
domain and vice-versa.

We initially experienced a handful of these exceptions during student
registration in May after implementing the new driver, but they have not
reproduced since. In the past week, they have started
occurring319 several times per day and there have been
no changes in the IDM environment, nor is their an appreciable change in
the volume of events processed. We think that something must have
changed on Google's end.

Attached is the relevant segment for a level 3 trace showing a simple
password change event crashing the driver.

|Filename: trace.log |
|Download: |

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