Here's our issue :
All users need a mailbox, which is fully automated. All mailbox
preferences besides quota are managed by the driver or via
groups/policies at the exchange back-end.
Beside user mailboxes, We need "Shared" mailboxes. These
(group)mailboxes are requested via workflows and may have very different
preferences (quota, retention etc)

MS Exchange and the O365 counterpart have a web management interface but
this is insufficient, so we need to used this wonderful management
"tool" called powershell ;-o. (so much for the "click" generation).

So we create a mailbox and we need to make it shared, create a group,
give the group Full Access and Send As, Set Quota, change retention
times timezone etc etc.

My first attempt was to add a few attributes PSExecute with all cmdlets.
Some were executed some not and there was no telling why or when things
were not executed.
The second attempt was to add the same few attributes PSExecute with the
difference that all cmdlets are grouped and separated by ";". (This is
NOT supported by MS). The grouping was based on all quota cmdlets in a
single group, all access action grouped together etc.
But to no avail, we had the same issues. some cmdlets were carried out,
some not, and no telling which or why. The only thing we found out is
that Exchange takes its time to create and we need to wait for that
sending new cmdlets.
We cannot use "scripts" at the Exchange side nor can we use groups and
policies for this, because it is to dynamic.

The only way we got it to work is fire 2 cmdlets on creation, write back
the other 4 in an eDirectory, and with a trigger job fire one cmdlet at
a time. So any shared mailbox creation needs 4 triggers in order to
finalize the creation.

My question, referring to the title :

Does the NetIQ AD/Exchange shim concatenate all Attributes called
PSExecute to one single command or does it fire them one by one ?
If it is one command, then i understand my findings. If it is not i do
not (besides the timing).

I am starting on building an O365 driver (the new one) and wonder if i
will run into the same issues

Thanks very much in advance

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