i've got a feature request and i'm not sure if this is the right place to write it down, but maybe here's some novell-staff around that will forward it to the right person or place to be.

We got a problem with the vacation rule.
We got a distribution list (not sure if this is the right translation for it - just a groupmailbox which you can add members and if somebody sends an email to this mail-adress everybody who is a member gets this email) and all users that should get these mails are a member of this list. So far so good.

The problem comes with the vacation rule. If the users (that are members of the list) simply add the vacation rule all mails that are going to the users mailbox getting answered even if the mails are coming from the internal distribution list. But this shouldn't happen, what we do to prevent this is we build some rules around this. But these rules are not added automatically and often the users forget to build these rules.

My feature request is now, is it possible to add an option anywhere to prevent that directly by server? Maybe for each distribution list individually?

kind regards