Hi Everyone,
What I've done is created a virtual version of Windows Media Player 12 which seems to work fine. What I've been unable to do so far is create an SVM that contains a codec and have the virtual application see the content in the SVM and use the codec in the SVM to play a file Media Player can't play without it. However, if the same codec were installed directly on the machine, the virtual media player would see it and play the file without an issue. Just to make sure it wasn't an issue with the SVMs I was creating, I also tried installing both WMP and the codec into the same virtual application and had the same result.

My use case for this is that we get a large number of surveillance videos that our staff needs to play and many of these videos require their own proprietary (and usually poorly written) codecs be installed on the machines to play the file. I would love to be able to keep as many of them as possible them isolated from the host machine. Can anyone suggest anything that I can try to help with this scenario.