We really want to use the native imaging driver and not the Tuxera driver, but we made the mistake of deploying the Tuxera driver a while back and cannot get it to stay turned off.

We are using ZCM 11.3.2. We have 2 primary servers and about 17 satellites. We use our satellites for imaging.

I have tried following the instructions in the ZCM 11 SP3 documentation for disabling the Tuxera Driver, which includes editing HighPerfDriver.conf and deleting "ntfsdriver-RANDOMNUMBER.zip" on each imaging server. However, on the windows satellites, each time I reboot after making the changes, the HighPerfDriver.conf goes right back to the way it was. The file modified date is the date/time of the reboot. I can't figure out what is going on. Ideas?

Rick P