We have a department head that retired here. This person has about 40
folders with subfolders in their GW cabinet with about 2200 emails in
his account.

The new director currently has proxy access to the entire account, but
I'd like to get rid of the old account.

So, what would be the easiest way to get all these emails into the new
director's account, keeping the cabinet folder structure intact so that
I can delete the old account and not lose the email?

What I've done in the past is share a folder from the new account to
the old and move everything into that, but in this case I would need to
create every folder for sharing, correct? If I share from the old
account to the new, when the old account goes away the shared folder (&
contents) goes away.

Looking at archiving it in one and bringing it into the other, but from
what I've seen, the archive fid editor is not supported for GW2014.

Any other suggestions?