I am trying, for the first time, to Groom a users home directory. I had created user Home directory policy and have added vault and groom options to it. I pointed both options to the same archive location. The Home directory portion of the policy has been working for years. When I run the Groom, NSM will create the new directory on the archive server, but then error out.

I been fighting this issue most of the day. During that time I did find a couple other issues, like the Engine server was pointing to a non-existent SLP location (fixed it), but during the whole time this error kept surfacing.

I did find a post, on the forums, that someone had see this error having to do with Kanaka, but they did not put the TID number in the post which helped fix it.

I am running NSM Engine, Event, and Agent (If I'm remembering correctly.) The Engine is on an OES11 Sp1 server, the user is on an OES11 SP1 server, and the archive is an OES2 sp3 box. I should mention, the archive server in question is showing up in "path analysis" and "Storage Resource List", though it is not in the server listing under "Global Statics". I added an Agent to the archive box, but it didn't seem to help.

Any suggestions on where to go from here would be appropriated.