Hi everyone - I searched around for some answers to my questions, but I couldn't find anything that I felt directly addressed our situation, so I thought I'd ask to be sure of things. I find these things can get pretty complicated quickly...

We have been running ZENworks 11.2.x on a 32-bit SLES server for a while. We'd like to move to sp3 (and then onto sp4, now that I see it's out), but I understand that sp3 requires a 64-bit server. Our idea for a solution was to:

1. spin up a 64-bit sp2 virtual appliance as another primary in the zone
2. uninstall / unregister our original non-appliance 32-bit server
3. do the appliance migration / upgrade to sp3

I couldn't find anything in any documentation that said this wouldn't be possible, but we're running into some errors and alarming warnings on the way, thus I'm asking in these forums. There are warnings in the documentation that if we uninstall our first primary server in the zone, we'll lose our database (it's internal) because the database only lives on the first primary. It's hard for me to believe that we can never retire the first primary ZENworks server we set up, so that raises the question of what is meant by "first?" Is it first chronologically, or is it first as in the other primary server is below it in server hierarchy?

Assuming that "first" is speaking hierarchically, and not chronologically, how should we uninstall ZENworks from the 32-bit server? I am unsure on which server I'm supposed to run the zenuninstall script from, the one being retired (a full-on SLES box for us) or the one that will remain (the 11sp3 appliance). Also, I've read that the appliance doesn't actually allow the running of zenuninstall, so if I'm not supposed to run that script from the retiring server, how should I run it? Or is my only option deleting the server via ZCC's server hierarchy section?

As you can see, I've got a lot of interlocking questions that I can't seem to find confident answers to in the documentation. Any help from the forum crew is much appreciated!