NetIQ is pleased to announce the availability of Hotfix

This release replaces Hotfix 7015865 and accomplishes the following:

- Resolves an issue where client information was available only once
per session
- Resolves an issue with trust settings changing account types
- Resolves an issue where the HomeMDB property was invalid
- Resolves an issue with DRA's inability to show more than 1000
results per search
- Resolves an issue where removing the first member from a list of
managers for a group removes the
- powers of the remaining managers
- Resolves an issue that occurs when enabling recycle bin cleanup for
- Add support for setting all folders in a mailbox to read only
- Resolves an issue where the Exchange Archive features are not
functional after removing a manager
- from a users mailbox
- Resolves an issue that occurs when removing a member from a group
while processing a new
- domain
- Resolves an issue with adding users or groups to a trusted managed
- Resolves an issue where an error was randomly generated
- Resolves an issue with the OCS PowerShell Script

This release also lists several known issues.

For more information about this release, please refer to the 'release
notes' ( or contact 'NetIQ Technical Support'

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