We are running GroupWise 2014 and GMS 2.0.

I renamed a user by first renaming him in eDirectory using C1, then renamed
his GroupWise account in GW Administration. At this point we realized his
syncing with GMS was not working. I removed him from GMS and re-added
him.The initial sync to GMS failed and I saw that under GroupWise settings
fro the user it still showed his old username.

I noticed his LDAP DN was still showing his old username, so I clicked
Synchronize in GW Administartion and that updated.

I removed and re-added him again in GMS, but still shows his old username as
his GroupWise User Name on the GroupWise Settings (where the address book
choice and direction of sync options are).

All I can find that still shows his old username is attribute 58004
Distinguished Name under the Display Object Information found in Diagnostics
for that user in GroupWise Adminsitration.

Is this what is causing the problem? Did I miss a step when I renamed his
account? Is there any way to change the Distinguished name as stored in that

Thanks in adavance for any help anyone can provide.