Our company uses out-of-date version of Sentinel, that is currently no
longer supported and should be updated.
*Sentinel version*: on SLES 11 SP2
Sentinel is deployed as an appliance (DVD/ISO) on a virtual machine,
powered by Hyper-V.

The problem with updating the appliance was that none of our servers are
allowed to go on the internet and for various reason the update via SMT
(Subscription Management Tool) was also not desired. Finally, we decided
to open our Sentinel appliance to the Internet just for the sake of
updating, then disabling it's connection afterwards. According to the
documentation, updating the appliance requires registration via WebYast.
I've registered the system and got the "This system is registered"
confirmation. I go to WebYast Updates and see only 1 (one) update:
*sentinel-server-*. The source is:
*nu_novell_com:Sentinel-Server-7.0-Updates*. I select the update, hit
install/update, WebYast announces "Installation in progress. Remaining 1
patch. The installation time depends on patch size." and after few
(about 10) seconds it says "Your system is up to date." Of course, it is
actually not. If the documentation is right the update should reboot the
system which does not happen. The web interface still says version, I've also confirmed this by entering the
/etc/init.d/sentinel version in the command line. The update also stays
in the update queue and does not disappear. I've tried rebooting
Sentinel manually after the "installation", to no avail. The update is
obviously not downloaded and/or installed.

I've raised a SR, but any thoughts on the problem are welcome. Thank

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