We have several so called "Appliances" for NAM, but to properly patch
them according to support we have to download and install the patch or
update for Access Manager.
Then we have to use SMT to seperately patch the OS (of the so called
This sounds great until the next service pack or patch arrives and then
we start all over again.
We download and install the service pack or patch - which downgrades
everything that SMT patched the last time.
This time around (the update) it downgraded 286 packages,
reinstalled 361 packages
Then back again to SMT to reinstall of the the packages that the
"update" has "fixed".

What are the chances of Access Manager ever getting a proper,
coordinated patch and update system and the appliance being treated as
an appliance?
We have no choice but to use the current braindead process because
support will not provide support until everything is first patched to
their satisfaction.

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