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Thread: iPrint + Mac OS X Lion + HP

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    iPrint + Mac OS X Lion + HP

    Hi all,

    Have come up against a nasty issue here.

    iPrint is running on an OES 11 server with all latest updates applied.

    Clients are Mac OS X 10.7.2 Lion, plain install without the 500+MB HP Driver Package from Apple.

    I have used a test system to install the HP Driver Package on, and then extract the required PPD file for a LaserJet 4250 and upload to the DriverStore on the iPrint server. This works fine. On that same test system, I can then install the iPrint printer from the /ipp page.

    On the client production systems, without the HP Driver package pre-installed, installing that same printer from the /ipp page does not work.

    It throws the message

    "iPrint encountered a problem trying to install the printer
    The filter(s) specified in the PPD could not be found/resolved."

    From some research it looks like that because the filters are not in place on the client systems, iPrint will not copy down the PPD file and install the printer on the system.

    I did not come up against this problem on Snow Leopard. Is this a new thing in Lion where the required filters are not already present on the base installed system? Is iPrint able to handle the missing filters somehow?

    At the moment I can't make use of iPrint to deliver these HP printers because I can not suggest to users that they either obtain the 500MB package or connect directly to the LPD and use Apple Software Update to put the filters into place.

    Solutions? Generic PPDs? Will that work for Colour LaserJets?
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