i have an edirectory server (A) which is running correctly with slpd
i would like to install a second edirectory on my server (B). But when i
execute the command ndsconfig add i have a warning.

- config slpd on my server A :

net.slp.useScopes = DEFAULT, myScope1, myScope2, myScope3
net.slp.isDA = true
net.slp.DAAddresses = Myserver(A)
net.slp.isBroadcastOnly = false

- command on my server B :

../ndsconfig add -t robert-tree -n o=worldline -a cn=admin.o=worldline
-w pwd -S (server B) -d /var/opt/novell/eDirectory/data/dib/ -b 1025 -l
1027 -o 1028 -O 1029 --config-file
WARNING: Unable to check the duplicate server context (server
B).o=worldline.robert-tree. : Returning -626Setting Variable data
location to : /var/opt/novell/eDirectory/data

Configuring the NDAP interfaces... Done
Configuring the HTTP interfaces... Done
Configuring the LDAP interfaces... Done

Configuring NetIQ eDirectory server with the following parameters,
Please wait...
Starting the service 'ndsd'... Done.

Checking if server is ready to service requests... Done

Searching for the Tree "ROBERT-TREE" in the network. Please wait...
The given tree does not exist.
Verify the existence of the treename using slpinfo or specify IP
address to configure.
Stopping the service 'ndsd'... Done.

ERROR: ./ndsconfig return value = 52.

slptool findsrvs service directory-agent://server A
service:directory-agent://server A,65535

I don't understand why i can't add the server B.

Best regards

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