My organization is not storing user photos and does not plan to ever do
so. I am looking for advice on two possible options for handling the
default photo in the UA 4.0.2.

1. Change the default photo to another image. I have seen this question
asked a couple times, but it doesn't look like there is a solution. In a
2011 post, the response from NetIQ was that it was listed as an
enhancement. Is there a way to change the default user photo in the User

2. Do not display the default photo. I use a separate war file for the
theme customizations, so I added this code to theme.css

#attDispDiv table tbody tr td img{
display: none;

I would be more comfortable doing this if there was an id tag on the
image itself. Does anybody have much experience with css behind the UA?
Is what I coded unique enough to not accidentally hide something other
than the default photo?


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