I attempted to apply SP1, followed TID to the letter, including Add-on product. Datasync 1.2.4_996 wouldn't start. I can rcdatasync status and got nothing. I didn't have time to troubleshoot so I reverted.

I am contemplating doing a wipe and fresh install using the "Block incoming devices" option.

Steps I plan on taking:

1 Image existing setup.
2 Wipe the box
3 Fresh install (including GroupWise Mobility Service?)
4 Configure same as previous install, same LDAP user, info, Trusted APP key, and certs, etc?

I assign users via a NDS group. Currently with 230 users.

Can I keep them all in there, add the group to the connectors, and just let it synchronize with the GroupWise connector before allowing devices to connect?

Or as in the past, put a small number at a time, and allow those to sync with the Groupwise connector before adding more to the group?