Filr (hot patch 3)

I have a Netgear NAS that is used to store archives. All users have
read only access to an SMB share on it. User accounts do not exist on
the box, it just allows anonymous access. That works fine from
Windows 7 on our LAN. I need to give users access to it via Filr.
Added the share to Filr and used the NAS admin user for the proxy name
for the Net Folder Server. Discovered that all users can
upload/modify files. Not good. I created a new user on the NAS and
gave it Read Only access to the share. Changed the authentication
method for the Net Folder Server Proxy name to use this Read Only
user. Users can still upload/modify files. Any suggestions? I need
to provide access to this share via Filr, but it must be Read Only.