I would like to import the following LDAP attributes for Users:

All are using the syntax *Generalized Time (OID*

This is the exact same syntax as attribute *lastLoginTime*

I've created User attributes with the Data Type of "DATE"

When I run the Collection I get the following error: *Error validating
attribute value type to it's data type*

From the table arops.error_attribute, I'm able to see:
id; attribute_key; attribute_value; err_stack_trace; error_message;
11030;"HireDate";"20150728200000Z";"";"Error validating attribute value
type to it's data type";"WARNING";11029

So, I've probably messed something some where, but can't see what.

The same applies for Accounts.
I'm trying to import Last Login Date from an Oracle DB.
I've tried many combinations ... and couldn't find the right one ...

Any help welcome.
Thanks in advance.

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