Hi all,

I'm facing some problems with my eDir tree. We have a bunch of servers
spread over several WAN links; the tree was partitioned so the
HQ-related objects live in a partition right below the root, and each
branch have a partition under HQ.
We have 3 OES 11 servers on HQ, 2 of them NCS nodes, and the other is a
VM running IDM. Each branch have one or two OES 2 / OES 2 SP3 / OES 11
SP2 servers. One of the NCS nodes on HQ is the master of all partitions,
as we manage all the network from HQ LAN.

Since we started installing NCS on the branches we're having problems to
manage it on iManager, as the cluster plugin throws an error when I try
to contact it. After lots of tests, I finally solved the problem
installing a R/W replica of HQ partition on the branch master node.

I found that the problem occurs because the LUM service on the master
nodes takes too much time to autenticate the Admin user (which lives in
the HQ partition).
Right now, I'm searching how can I repartition my tree in a way that I
have maximum efficiency and minimal latency.

One of the things I'm evaluating is the use of R/O partitions on the
branches, but I don't know if this will impact adversely on the way LUM

Could you point me some documentation on partitioning over WAN links
besides "eDirectory 8.8 Administration Guide"

Thanks in advance.

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