We are using IDM 4.0.2 Advanced and updated to the latest patch (public
D) in Windows 2008 R2 platform.
We use the Jboss application server that comes with the default

JBOSS - General Properties
Name:JBoss AS 5 (IDMProv)
Description:JBoss Application Server
Build Date: May 22 2009
Start Date: Tue Aug 11 09:33:34 CEST 2015

We have updated the web.xml and server.xml files for the HTTPS and Auto

The auto redirection from HTTP to HTTPS is working fine when we access
the application with IP Address.
Ex: http://IPaddress/IDMProv it successfully redirects to

No issue using IP Address. But, when we access it via load balancer URL,
it says page can not be displayed.

Ex: *http://myidm.domain* is not auto redirecting to

Also, when I access it via SSL https://myidm.domain, this works. Only
thing is auto redirection is not working.

For this auto redirection, I have added the below code on the web.xml
File location:
D:\Novell\jboss\jboss\server\IDMProv\deployers\jbo ssweb.deployer

<web-resource-name>Entire Application</web-resource-name>

But this works only using IP Address but not using the load balance url.
Please let me know if there is some other setting to be done in JBOSS.

FYI: If I remove the above web.xml content, I am able to access the user
application with both SSL and NONSSL URLs separately given below
(without redirection).
*http://myidm.domain* - able to access it with non-ssl
*https://myidm.domain* - able to access it with SSL

But when I update it with above content in the web.xml, auto redirection
not working via load balacer name. Please help.

Thanks in advance...

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