We upgraded from GW 8 on Netware to GW2014 on SLES11. As we're decommissioning our eDirectory tree I've been switching everything over to our Active Directory instead.

Users were easy enough to switch over using the wizard, Groups have been dissociated and left standalone. I think all that's left are resources - and the reason I'm even aware of this appears to be a bug in itself.

When I use the filter 'directory=<edirtree_here>' on the users pane, it lists resource names, but with user icons (It errors if I try and select any object or export the list).

However, when I look at the resources there are no ldap options, it's only under 'Diagnostics > Display Object' that the ldap entries are evident, or via the gwadmin-service webpages.

So is this something I should be concerned about? do I need to be creating scripts using the REST API guide to remove these final links?