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    OES Backup


    OK, what is a good way to backup an OES Server these days. This includes data volumes with a couple of tb of data, and also Groupwise with 600gb of stoage.

    Is there some software out there that I can use to just setup a reliable rsync job to say a QNAP (cheap rack mounted, with 8 or 16 drives in) ? and have a gui interface to check the jobs have run? Then I can once a week or once a month stick an external drive onto the QNAP to do a full backup that can go offsite. Will be moving over to VM machines at some point but we need a cheap / reliable way of doing it to keep us going to then.

    Or should I load up a small hp server rack server with loads of disks to do similar? But is there some sort of gui backup that deals with this or do I need to look at sometime like sep sesam? or what other backup software works well with Novell.

    They are going to be put into VM's at some point.

    Cheers in advance for any ideas / inspiration.
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