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Thread: setting error how to reset or recovery ?

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    setting error how to reset or recovery ?

    I am testing new user registration , when I modify some parameters
    and click save configuration, it show a error message in web then I
    could not login anymore...
    SSPR 5203
    Configuration format error. { 5203 CONFIG_FORMAT_ERROR (value error
    in config file, please investigate: New User Registration-LDAP Entry ID
    Definition required value missing) }
    How could I reset the parameter I modified or recovery it ?



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    Re: setting error how to reset or recovery ?

    Do you know what all you set to cause this?

    I've enabled New User Configuration in my SSPR 3.3 setup and it does not
    seem to show any errors so far, but I do not know what you entered and
    finding that is probably important.

    If you want to post your SSPRConfiguration.xml file (from
    tomcat/webapps/sspr/WEB-INF) then we can look over that for something
    invalid syntactically.

    Good luck.

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