Hi All,

I need answer of one of my situation where I am not able to find any
concrete solution.

we have a application federated via Shibboleth and application is hosted
on IIS.

Situation here is: everything is configure correctly and working fine.
till last month..

while doing testing, testing team find a situation where, user get
authenticated first time and they get NIDPMAIN.114 error if they try to
login again after opening a new browser session after closing browser.

Error is: *Error:NIDPMAIN.114A42210B32D97CD01C46C2881B8C3782 C* (An error
has occurred which may have invalidated your authentication. Please try
refreshing the browser page. If this error persists, please close this
browser window, open a new browser, and login again.

while looking at log in debug mode not able to find any relevant log
other than that both time session ID is same.. first time with data but
second time without data.

Please help me as soon as you can....

Request for your help urgently...

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