after the upgrade to Filr 1.2 everything is working. But we were not using 2 Search aplliances, only one. So I installed a fresh extra VM Filr Search2 and made configuration changes for High Availability.

Whenever I try to re-index the node there is an error message
Error applying journaled operation 'addDeleteDocuments' on index node [ip:kablink]

Then after this there is the message on the second node
"Deferred Update Log Records Exist "

And if I try to write the logs, the same error "addDeleteDocuments" pops up.
If I ignore, the "Deferred Update Log Records Exist " disappears but still cannot re-index the node, same story from beginning.

If I try to change the first node to write only and the second to read & write, I lose connectivity to Filr.

Saw this as a bug but I am not sure how to follow the bug id in Novell and if it is already solved:
920235 Filr Error applying journaled operation 'addDeleteDocuments' on index node