I'm trying to install AgentManager 7.1 and will later connect to
Sentinel Core version 7.1.2. Here is my setup and my issues:

Computer1: Windows 2008 MS SQL 2012 Standard
Computer2: Windows 2012 for AgentManager Central Computer

Both computers are in the same vLAN, they can ping each other, resolve
name etc
Windows firewall DISABLED on Computer1 (database server - i.e. allows
all incoming connections)
Windows firewall ENABLED on computer2 (CentralComputer) but firewall
ports to TCP/1433, TPC/135, UDP/1434 and TCP/1024-65535 allowed IN from

1. I ran the AgentManager setup on Computer1 and selected Database
option ONLY
2. AgentManager database created on Computer1 under MS SQL 2012
3. Logged on to Computer2 and ran the CentralComputer + Console setup
4. I get database error when provide database name as "Computer1" OR
Errot 27502. Agent Manager cannot connect to he specified Microsoft SQL
Server Instance, "xxxx\AgentManager". Ensure you specify a valid
Microsoft SQL Server instance using the format [DB Server
Name]\[Instance Name], that MSDTC is configured correctly, and that
TCP/IP is enabled on the SQL server

What do you think is going wrong?


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