I've been getting calls from users stating they are getting browser warning messages when attaching to our GW 2012 WebAccess server. It's version 12.0.4 running on SLES 11 SP4. When I attach with a new browser, Chrome or IE, I see it gets a TLS 1.0 error.

How can I enable TLS 1.2 on this setup? I've been reading about the SuSE Security Module, but I've seen comments that Apache2 on SLES still uses the old openssl version even with the new openssl version installed from the Security Module.

Will WebAcc 12.0.4 run on SLES 12? I'm not in a position to upgrade to GW 14 yet. Too many things to do with too little staff. Hoping to make this 2012 install last a little longer.