We are in a project, where NetIQ IDM Userapp is master of the data. The
customer has in the beginning two existing target systems with
overlapping (some attributes) user data.
The requirement is, that the customer can migrate the existing users in
the target system to NetIQ IDM on his own and decide where he takes the
master data from.

My first idea was, to enhance the create user request with a 2 remote
lookups one for each target system, and with a pre-binding in the form
to overwrite the user in the target system (when provisioning) and build
an assignment for System Role and other roles/groups.
But remote lookup is not possible (lookup DB as Form control) , so I
would have to import/(re-)sync all data from the target systems to edir,
in a separate structure. That makes it very complex.
When importing / migrating users I could take all existing data from the
imported data.

Then I found the migration approach from Cool Solutions (
https://www.netiq.com/communities/co...ing-users-idm/ ),
but it's not user controllable.

Do you have an easy solution or an idea to build a workflow to enable
user migrations to the customer?

Thanks, Patrick

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