Hi everybody,

I am facing an issue which is very anoying since I didn't do anything
particularly to have it.
My problem is that each time I create or modify an object in my
eDirectory, the createTimestamp and modifyTimestamp are initialized to
"5 fvr. 2106 07:28:15 CET (21060205062815Z)".

Note that my eDirectory version is : "NetIQ eDirectory 8.8 - 8.8 SP8
v20806.02" running on a "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.6

I verified the time on the server and it's good, however, when i run a
"ndsrepair -R" i have many errors like this one :

ERROR: Illegal timestamps were found in this replica.
You may need to run 'Repair Timestamps'
Value: fffd5cff, ID: 000080a3, DN: OU=FR.O=ONAME.T=NAME-TREE
Time stamp: February 04, -50 06:28:15 AM
; rep # = 0001; event = 6b91


I really don't know how to repair this since the only way I found to
solve this is to do a "ndsrepair -P -Ad" then select the replica and
then select Replica Options, Repair Time Stamps and Declare a New Epoch.

I am not sure about this command and this is a really hard command for a
problem which seems easier.

What do you think ? Have you got an idea on how to solve this ?


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