I'm trying to setup terminal services using 2008 R2 and a Zenworks roaming profiles policy. If I try and set the user profile path to something that uses a variable other than %username% it doesn't resolve the variable and instead attempts to use the literal value.

In our environment usernames can changes but workforceIDs stay the same, we set workforceid as a windows variable but when I attempt to reference it in the roaming profile path it just uses %WORKFORCEID%.

So if USERA has a workforce ID of 1234 and the path is set to \\servera\profiles\%username% the profile gets resolved to \\servera\profiles\usera.
If we set the path to \\servera\profiles\%workforceid% it gets resolved to \\servera\profiles\%workforceid% instead of \\servera\profiles\1234.

Our version is 11.3.1

This surely must be a bug?