Hello all,

I just updated my [new] SSPR installation to v3.3, and now I am stuck in
a loop. I can't log in anymore because it is giving me this error:

No profile is assigned for this operation.

5081 ERROR_NO_PROFILE_ASSIGNED (no challenge profile is

(It also gives a red warning error that it can't read the policy for the
configured test user.)

In the previous version, there were challenge questions you could
configure through SSPR (instead of using eDir ones) but now I don't see
anything like that option. We don't even want to *use* challenge sets,
but at least before all it did was complain that the test user didn't
have any responses configured.

I can't even see how the updated Forgotten Password module looks,
because (it says) 'public services are not available while configuration
is open.' But I can't lock the configuration any more because it says I
need to log in to do that, but it won't let me log in.

In desperation, I tried configuring a very minimal challenge set in the
UP policy, and in the SSPR configuration I enabled 'read eDirectory
challenge sets" but it hasn't helped at all. The PwmProxy user has read
and compare to the Password Policy container.

So, in addition to wanting to shoot myself, I have these questions for
anyone who can help:

1. What happened to the SSPR challenge question page?

2. Why didn't my saved configuration (from the previous version) carry
over in this respect? (Possibly a theoretical question.)

3. Is it even possible to just use the 'send token/email/OTP' and the
associated required attributes *without *using a challenge set? the
configuration seems to imply it is - at least on that page - but then
why is it giving me this insistent error?

Things were going so smoothly before I updated :-(

Thanks for any help -
Karla B
Smith College
Massachusetts, USA

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