I have installed the iPrint Appliance (version 1.1) and have imported a few printers successfully by using miggui (did not transfer the ID). I wanted to test out deploying the printers to a test user so I configured the LDAP import to import users from eDir to the iPrint appliance.
The import was successful and the objects seem to be created under the APPLIANCE_XXXXXX tree in ConsoleOne.
However, when I log on to the iPrint Appliance iManager, I am unable to access the imported users. The highest level that I can browse to is the iPrintAppliance organization (o=iprintappliance) or our production organization (o=our_org). The tree that contains the imported "our_org" objects is above that level.
I cannot seem to locate any information about how to manage the imported users to assign printers. Is there something that I am doing wrong or could someone explain how to access the imported users to manage the imported iPrint Appliance printers?

Thank you very much!