Customer is running ZCM 11.3.2 FRU1. Two Primary, all imageing functionality running om dedicated server. Windows 2012 R2.
When PXE-booting and running imaging on same network as server, everything works fine.
When running on another VLAN, routed via firewall there are som strange problems with imageing.
DHCPrelay/IP-helper is set, and PXE works fine. Imageing engine download fine, and I get to the prompt.
But when trying to restore image that was taken with Tuxera driver loaded it says "Encountered a bad control data during imge restoration. Check if Tuxera driver is present".
Restoring image taken without Tuxera works fine.
Takeing image works fine aswell, but checking the image with ImageExplorer, the Tuxera Flag is not set, so it has not used the Tuxera when taking image.
Looking at server, Tuxera is loaded an available. Have tried to reinstall driver.
And everything works fine when sitting on same network as server.

Another thing I have seen is that the variable $PROXYADDR is not working. Pinging it, will give me But if using servers IP och DNS-name, works fine. If starting IMG and go into meny for restore or make image use to resolve servers ip but says, and I assume that it uses $PROXYADDR.

For me this smells communication, but com-people says that they have opened everything. All ports 1-65535, TCP and UDP against ZCM-servers.
Fells like something is stripped in fw.
But, as I sayed, image operations without Tuxera works fine, if using ip/dns to server.