I searched a while for this subject, but didn't find an example for this purpose.

GroupWise 2014 runs on a seperate virtual disk (vSphere 5.5). This disk is going out of space. Since it is a NCP-disk, I can't just resize it, so I need to copy all content to a new disk (this time NSS).

I know, best/simplest way to do it would be shutdown the GW-Server and rsync the whole content to the new disk, then mounting it to the old location and its done.

But I'm afraid, this isn't possible to be done over the weekend, because data usage is too high (about 1.6 TB). So what would be the best way for doing that?

I think about dbcopy, but I am confused about the "backup" and "migration" switches. I would need the two-pass functionality - copy 1st pass during the week with
dbcopy -m -f /mnt/sourcedisk /mnt/destdisk
make the 2nd pass (while server is shut down, there may be no more changes) on the weekend
dbcopy -m -s /mnt/sourcedisk /mnt/destdisk
and switch the disks. But this is for "migration only" - will this affect the live system? I don't want the live system to be touched in any way, just make a copy.

Otherwise I would try the same with rsync: shut down server, copy as much as possible and repeat it until all is copied at once.

Thanks for any advice.