Hello, I am a ITHelpDesk administrator running Zen 11 SP3 on our corporate network, and we are having Patch Management issues. We just recently upgraded from Zen 11 SP1 to SP3 and for a few days, patch management worked better than ever. However at the beginning of this week, I noticed that the patches I was applying slowed down (they went from applying normally to applying 10x slower), and then now are not applying at all. I push out several patch bundles, and the patch status shows as "Completed Successfully", however the numbers are not changing on the patch itself, and they are still showing as needing the patches I just pushed out. Would anyone happen to know whether this could be because of pushing out too many bundles in a short amount of time (50-60 bundles in a week)? None of the workstations that I push the bundles out to have errors, but yet the numbers are not updating. Thank you all for your time today, and I hope you have a great day!

Thank You
Broc Smith