A perfectly functional User App has started acting up. Regular PRD's
are submitted to the REST api, creating a workflow and provisionoing
users. These stopped working recently, with the source system receiving
a 500 server error.
Also, when I login as the Provisioning admin, and attempt to look at the
request status of these PRD's, I get an error:

"requestList: An error has occurred retrieving the request list::
Argument dn cannot be null!"

Subsequent clicking causes that error to change to this error at the top
of the Work Dashboard page:

requestList: An error has occurred retrieving the request list::
JSONObject["reqCols"] is not a JSONArray.

Upon initial investigation I found the /opt volume at 100% utilization,
cleared that up, restarted the UA (eliminating some deploy errors that
had been showing up as a result of the /opt/novell/idm/.../IDMProv/tmp
folder being full) but these errors in the UA Work Dashboard continue.

Thoughts on the cause, or steps I can take?

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