If you can't tell from all of the Quickfinder posts that I've been making recently, I'm trying to work out some issues here. I do have an SR open on this as well but I'm trying to cover my bases for a speedy resolution, and SR tickets can take a little more time than the forums.

Anyway, I've recently built a SLES11 SP3/OES11 SP2 stand alone, exclusive QuickFinder server because I kept running into space issues which ended up being due to a corrupt file that was trying to get indexed that kept filling up my index's hard drive. Anyway, I now have my indexes built, updating and optimizing... unfortunately I can't search them unless I am myself or my Admin user. In looking for a resolution, the first thing that I ran across is to make sure that my users are LUM Enabled... they are.

What I am seeing behind the scenes does appear a little strange. When I was building the system and got to the software components screen I selected the C++ tools like I usually do, and then I only selected the "Quickfinder Server" software package, which of course selects some additional requirements across the other Novell packages. When I got to the OES configuration section, since there was no local eDirectory installation the configuration process struck me as not being "normal" like when I build a SLES/OES server that has eDir, iManager, NSS, etc... but everything continued smoothly without issue, installation completed... After several attempts to do the initial index build I found a corrupt file that kept causing the index to fill up the hard drive, and now I'm ready to have users start searching the indexes.

Except as I mentioned they cannot log in. When I was comparing this server to my previous one that was on my main file server (which caused qfinder to be moved to its own server because indexing kept filling up the hard drive and crashing the server) I noticed that my old server which does have eDir on it does have the Unix Workstation object in eDir, where my stand-alone QuickFinder server does not have ANY objects in eDirectory, which I'm thinking is at least a part of my problem, but in continued digging I haven't found anything on what I need to do to resolve this. Thank you for any direction you can point me on getting my general users able to sign into QuickFinder.