A largely NetWare based tree (if its not broke, why fix it?) for a
school (so no SRs available), with oldest eDir being 10554.34

In February the first OES (11.2) server was introduced, naturally after
making sure eDir was healthy (did have to fix a few things but nothing
major needed). What I didn't get to at the time was to make this new
box the master, though it does have a full R/W replica of both
We added another OES 11.2 server, but I get the -603 and -608 errors as
soon as it goes 'new'. I can't back out this partition operation.
I've done the -XK2 route to get it out of the ring a few times already,
including having done a couple rebuilds of the server.
The local guys have run Unattended full DSRepairs since I put in that
first server, apparently I didn't smack them hard enough back in

I did find a reference to an OES2 problem, but there are no and not
been such beasts on this network.
The unattended repair was the most catastrophic thing to happen to this
tree in any memory of it.
I have shifted the Master of Root to the first OES 11.2 server
I created a test box that is a basic OES11.2 server in its own tree and
I could do a schema comparison between it, but for some reason
iManager's ICE doesn't like any of the DER files I have extracted that
have otherwise worked elsewhere. So actual imports haven't been done,
not that the differences make any sense to me.

running a ndstrace on the OES11.2 master with +scma +scmd +sync
I am seeing 'lots' (~ once every 5 seconds or so, more than other trees
I've looked at for this) of
**Processing incoming value for attribute .Transitive Vector.[Attribute
Definitions].[Schema Root]
but haven't been able to nail down any meaning of that, pushes my eDir
learning as I don't know how to check the state of that on each local
replica without dsbrowse for the OES boxes.

Andy Konecny
KonecnyConsulting.ca in Toronto
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