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Thread: Configure Groupwise 2014 with Mac Mail client

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    Configure Groupwise 2014 with Mac Mail client

    Dear All,

    We are using Groupwise 2014 with Mobility server. We want to configure the Mail client in Mac computer (OS X Yosemite, Version 10.10.2).
    We tried below options,

    1) Try to add as an Exchange account. After adding the exchange account, the Mail client in Mac keeps asking for password and does not accept the password. Also noted that it is asking password for "email address" account, where as our authentication username field is not the email address but different. Also i am assuming that the mobility server is not allowing it since it is not a mobile device ?
    Can someone guide how to make it work with Exchange settings on Mac Mail client ?

    2) Try to add as an IMAP account. I am able to add the account as IMAP without any issues and the incoming/outgoing mails are also working fine. But the address book is not working with it. I am only getting 2 options to use IMAP with i.e. Mail and Notes. Further after searching google i tried to add the account in the Contacts with CardDAV and LDAP option, but somehow that is not working either.

    Can someone guide either how can i make Mac Mail client work with Exchange settings (through mobility server) or how to configure address book with IMAP so that user does not need to enter the email address manually.

    Please guide.

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