Me again - installing agentmanager is a horrible task and lack of
documentation don't help. some strange connectivity issues don't make
sense either. For example:

Computer1 = Database Server - Windows 2008 OS with MS SQL2012 - Domain
Computer2 = Central Computer - Windows 2012 OS - Domain ABC.local
Computer3 = Sentienl Core - installed on RedHat with Sentinel version
7.1.2 - NOT on a Domain

Computer2 -> Computer1 connectivity has to be a Windows account with
db_owner rights to database
Computer3 -> Computer1 connectivity has to be MS SQL authentication
(database account)

I tried every other combination but none worked.


We have decided to install agents manually and NOT using AgentManager
(there is little or no documentation with this scenario). So I have a
number of machines appearing as unauthorised (as one would expect). I
authorised a couple of machines but they failed to appear in the Event
Source Viewer (Live View) screen.

Also they are ALL marked with "Online = NO" flag under the Sentinel GUI
for AgentManager. Can anyone help me to mark them online?


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